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Old City Aikido is home to one of the most comprehensive weapons programs in the United States Aikido Federation. Unlike many dojos which offer weapon only once per week or not at all, our Philadelphia martial arts school offers several weapons classes each week that help to build familiarity and proficiency. Aikiken (the sword of Aikido) and Aikijo (the staff of Aikido) are utilized throughout our curriculum to help students to better understand the root foundations of Aikido techniques. Aikido is a true Budo or “martial way.” Throughout the history of martial combat weapons have been utilized on the field of battle. It is therefore imperative to one’s martial training to foster an understanding of armed philosophy. The bokken (wooden sword) and jo (wooden staff) are employed to help emphasize the essential elements of technique, such as proper timing, spacing, and an understanding of the line of attack.

Weapons Program

Training in our martial arts weapons program is introduced immediately to new practitioners and is therefore not reserved to students of advanced rank or experience. In fact, we encourage our new practitioners to begin with a weapons class, as the progression to empty-hand techniques will then flow more logically and naturally.