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Events & Seminars

We invite you to join us for our 2020 Weapons Workshop.


Here at Old City Aikido, we are proud to have one of the deepest and ever-expanding weapons curricula in the Federation. Our Students learn to utilize the bokken ad jo from their very first days on the mat to help them to learn about line of attack, proper body positioning, and to make the deeper connections relating to their empty-hand practice. Aikido is budo, and fostering an understanding of armed philosophy is critical to understanding the martial application of our techniques.


From time to time we open our humble school to our fellow practitioners to join us for weapons training. The purpose is to share with the broader community some practical weapons forms and applications that they may “take home” with them to hopefully continue to polish and refine. Our workshop will be split into two sessions, Aiki-ken (the sword of Aikido), and Aiki-jo (the staff of Aikido). We will begin each session with the basics and then move into more advanced material. Much will be covered, and there should be something interesting and challenging for students of all levels.


We’ll see you there!

Saturday, March 14

10am - 12pm (bokken)


1pm - 3pm (jo)

Registration begins at 9am