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Looking Inward

Many of the great hero myths and stories of the warriors of old include some period of isolation. Many are gifted from the beginning with great strength or skill, but often because they are also reckless and brash, they come upon some test that they ultimately fail. That failure is followed by seclusion and a period of reflection until the hero finally reemerges as a more “complete” warrior.

Yes, we are isolated from our physical practice and from our fellows, but how will we use this time? We come to practice each day in order to forge the body and acquire skill, but the warrior must go further. We must also learn to reflect upon the work we do, and ask ourselves why we do it, and how best to apply it.

This is a period for deep introspection. We focus much of our training on building great strength, but we will also need these quiet times away from the world to help us to learn how to temper that strength, and how best to wield it in the service of others.

When it is time to fight, we will fight, but when we are not in battle, perhaps we should be perched high looking over the field.

How will you use your time in isolation?

Many thanks, stay well.

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