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Caring for the Dojo

A small excerpt from my lecture to the Old City Aikido students regarding caring for the dojo:

“If you are simply unaware that the dojo requires your attention, then your connection to the dojo is poor. If you recognize the needs of the dojo and do nothing…that is something far worse.”

No one is above the daily ritual of caring for the dojo; seniors should set the example and then an attitude of respect for the training hall can be properly cultivated and maintained. Cleaning the dojo is not something that is done before or after training, it is training! It is really quite simple: Leave the dojo better than you found it, and with regard to your own person…leave no trace.

In general, our students do a great job of taking care of the school, but there is always room for improvement.

Jason Perna

Many thanks, enjoy the day!

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