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Sensei Perna Bowing | Old City Aikido Philadelphia Martial Arts School

Not long ago during one of my weapons classes, I was walking around observing when a student turned to me, bowed, and said “Thank you.” I hadn’t given him any recent instruction, so I asked, “For what?” He replied, “For just being.” I quickly made a joke, asking him if he knew why my wife and kids never say that (laugh). But I must say it was one of the nicest sentiments that I had ever received. To know that one’s efforts are appreciated on such a level…well, it’s really hard to express how that feels. What he doesn’t realize is that I have an even greater appreciation for every student who makes the effort to come to my classes. Without them, what would I have? It is a give and take at the highest level of humanity, an interaction of the deepest regard, the study of respect and gratitude.

Jason Perna

Have a great day!

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