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Adult Aikido Program

Our Programs

Whether you are trying martial arts practice for the very first time, an experienced practitioner, or a parent looking to enroll your child in our outstanding youth program, Old City Aikido has a program to fit your needs. 

Our adult program is built for Aikido practitioners of all experience levels. Its deep curriculum includes the fundamentals of traditional Aikido practice, one of the most extensive weapons programs in the country, as well as groundwork and other practical self-defense applications. 

Bowing into class at Old City Aikido

Jiu-jitsu Classes

We are very pleased to announce our new Jiu-jitsu classes here at Old City Aikido. These offerings are the culmination of a years-long collaboration between Perna Sensei and Professor Judah Ciervo, his long-time friend and personal Jiu-jitsu instructor. Coach Judah fought professionally in mixed martial for several years before beginning his practice of Gracie Jiu-jitsu in 2013. He earned his blackbelt in 2022 and has competed and won at the highest levels, including a bronze Medal at the 2021 IBJJF World Championship competing as a lightweight brown belt. 


Aside from his regular duties as chief instructor at OCA, Perna Sensei continues to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu regularly, and currently holds the rank of purple belt. Together with Professor Ciervo, they have carefully crafted a program that will be practical, thorough, and allow practitioners to explore all the art has to offer. 


Please see our schedule for a full listing of current class options. The Jiu-jitu classes are designed for practitioners age 16 and older. 

Sensei Jason and Professor Judah

Youth Program

Our youth program is focused on working with children between the ages of 6 and 13 to improve listening skills, discipline, awareness, and self-confidence. Students in the program will learn not only basic aikido techniques, but also a variety of skills and principles through physical exercise and mental discipline. The children's classes impart the necessary etiquette and respect for tradition while helping them to foster sensitivity and patience towards their fellow students. On the mat, the kids are provided with a positive outlet for their energy, while our experienced instructors make sure the energy is expended in a focused and good-natured way! It is truly an Aikido family!

Kid's Class at Old City Aikido
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