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Adult Program

Our adult program offers an exciting and challenging curriculum suited for practitioners of all experience levels.  Our teaching philosophy allows for all of our students to train together regardless of rank or experience. A beginner at our Philadelphia martial arts dojo will train in the same classes as everyone else, but from the first day they will receive one-to-one personal instruction from one of our senior students. New students will continue in this manner until they are ready to stand on their own. Old City Aikido believes strongly in the philosophy of raising new students together with the rest of the community rather than isolating them in “beginner” classes. Our experienced and professional full-time teaching staff at our Philadelphia martial arts school is trained to make sure that students of all levels receive the proper guidance and supervision. Our adult class schedule is flexible and offers training options from Monday through Saturday. Anyone interested in learning more about the adult program at Old City Aikido may call, email, or stop by the dojo during class hours for more information.